Pining For His Love

I’m pining.. crafting texts and not sending. I’m so tired. I want to say more… I’m pining for him. Just once.. won’t he call me? … I’m giving in. I need to cry. Which stage of my terminal pain am I suffering now? Pls GOD.. let it be closer to the end. I’ve had enough.. I need a metaphorical death.. so I can be BORN AGAIN.. Love again..Live again..

Right now it feels like...
Death defines my path..
Death is my will
I feel no fear
DEATH is my fate…

I’m too tired and dejected to continue.. my tears are blurring my vision. I hope this will change one day. It will be of hope and survival…. but now I’m just a broken soul. red, raw and my wounds are festering… I hope I can sleep.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 13, 2013