Here I Am Today

Here I am today, after you and I went to sea and lost our ship in a blistering storm. We were forced to jump in the ice cold waters. We tried to hold on as long as we could. Eventually I let go because I was drowning you, and you were drowning me. Then, when the storm dissipated, you found your way to the surface, while I kept sinking to the rocks. I could see you in the light above, but my vision was impaired by my own dark blood. I became entangled in the seaweed and unable to set myself free. Meanwhile, a ship came to rescue you, but the sharks came to finish me.. So here I am today..
Poker4Life Poker4Life
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

:'-(, painful!! I hope when the shark came for you, a miracle happened and the sharks found a bigger more yummy target to go to, then you will have miraculous strength and will be able to tear apart from all the seaweeds trapping you...then your eyes will see the light again as you slowly approach the surface and with God's help, eventually arrive safely to shore!

Thank you for that.. I haven't been able to see it in an optimistic way on my own, so thank you!

You're welcome dear! :-)