It's been months with no communication and because of so many schoolworks, my mind went to thinking other things. But now, I'm back where I was before. Why? Why is it so hard for me to take him off my mind? I hate this... I hate being down because of the same damn thing always! I hate being miserable because of him! I hate my life now... I miss my old one...

I told myself that I'm going to start over this year. I swore not to communicate with him and the last time that I'll be communicating with him is last December 31. I've managed not to communicate with him thankfully. I also swore to get rid of all the things that he gave to me but I can't do that up to now. Whenever I take it out I always put it back where it was before. It's so hard...

My best friend keeps on nagging me to forget him but it's still so hard for me. My mom too is doing her best but it's not working. Almost everyone I know is helping me move on but everything they do is worthless...

I love him. I love him to the point that I can't totally let go of him even if it hurts me so much.

I understand the reason of why he left and that's because he's an assh*le. What I can't understand is why am I still waiting for someone who I know is never coming back?
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I know exactly how you are feeling. I am still raw after my boyfriend broke up with me on January 3rd. I felt like I was hit by a truck. I'm still feeling pain, and probably will for a while because when I love, I love hard. I give my all. I am almost elated and exhausted at the same time. Elated because I think I knew deep in my heart it would not last. He was a horrible communicator and difficult to read. I now know that when i choose next time, I have to be with someone who is a huge communicator. Stay strong and you will get through this.

and your still young, long way to go for you :)

I think you tried to keep the relationship just try to talk to him, maybe you had so many things left unsaid that had kept you that way, that is why it was hard for you to move on..

remember that there are so many wonderful things out there that is for you experience, give your self a chance to be happy,