I Hate It.

Ever since i was a kid i was always sensitive if someone yelled or if i was yelled at. I can't stand when i hear people yelling. Especially if they are yelling at me. When my ma would yell it never bothered me but when my son's father would yell at me i would begin to cry and feel small. I can take my mother's yelling i would always try not to laugh when she did so but it's different when it's the person who supposedly loved you.

I am now with a man that loves me more then life itself. He knows what i've went through in the relationship i was in and i know in my heart he would never shout at me and hurt me by raising his voice at me. If you are angry go out for a walk calm down and come back and talk to your significant other like they're a person. Don't go mental on them.
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

He does. He knows how to control himself unlike my son's father.<br />
He's a true diamond geezer! :) And i love him to bits and pieces.<br />
I think i have done it right the second time with this fella :)

I know how you feel, Being yelled at is not fun.<br />
<br />
I hope you have a great day! :)

thanks dear you to

You're welcome and thank you! ^_^

i can't take yelling either my father did it to me anyone yells at me i cry like a baby