Talking To Boys :s

So, writing about this problem of mine is going to be a little harder than usual. Well, for one, there's only 5 members in this group and no stories. :s of course if someone had posted a story, I probably would have too.... It's a human thing where we feel comfortable when a lot of people are already sharing their stories instead of just one person alone. So yeah. But I've decided to take a chance and whatever the outcome may be.. (Embarrassment or encouragement) I just want to rant about my inability to converse with the opposite sex in a normal way.

So, on the Internet it's easy to chat with guys. I think it's mostly because I can take my time and am not under pressure to seem interesting. But in real life social situations, I feel like, well, sometimes I feel like I'm giving off this really stupid vibe. I say the wrong things and I feel like I'm coming off real dumb.

I also always get very shy and when in a group just go completely quiet. And my friends will have to ask me once in a while if I'm fine and all that. Maybe it's just me over thinking. I don't know. It's terrible though, to have that feeling of not being able to talk to boys.
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Dont try and overcomplicate things, relax, be yourself and most of all smile, if u start worrying before the date or watever ur putting urself under stress and then u will slip up. just relax much more easier said than done. :s but thanks for the advice :)

try practice dating with a male friend for encouragement and experience