Mr. Shy

i dont know y but i just have this problem with girls. like lots of them.

"y wud a girl wanna talk to me anyway?" ive been going to the same scool since 5 th grade and i was SOOOOOOOO weird and made the worst mistakes in history and i was just so immature and everything. but that about me has changed now. over the summer i changed but i still think that girls see me as wat i was like 2 years ago! how do i change it?

i have a friend (ill call him x) and x found a girl on the ski trip who they like always kiss and everything. i want a person like that BUT HOW AM I SUPPOUSE TO GET THAT WEN I SO SHY. yeah i talk to one girl and thats ok but wen comes to groups i get so quiet. problem is... i know im quiet and i try to think of something to say while everyones talking but i cant! my mind goes blank and i go quiet! maybe im not used to it! BUT THAT A PROBLEM BECAUSE THATS HOW U GET NOTICED BY GIRLS TALKING, but i do talk with like one girl at a time but its not enough and just such an annoying problem.

and x is like the fun guy u know, girls try to pants him and laugh with him and i talk to some girls i know and we laugh but davids so much more popular and everything AND HE TALKS OPENLY THATS y!!!!!! BUT THATS MY BIGGEST ISSUE! ive been working out since i was 13 so like i am muscalur and in my summer scool i was considered hot and cool like i was a little shy but i had so much more confidence cas no one knew the old me!  but here im so different!

i cry about this problem from time to time cas i wanna be with a girl BUT I CANT CAS IM SO SHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! and y else wud girls wanna be with me cas they always hang out the cool guys in my grade WHO ARNT SHY! wats wrong with me? y cant i change? y cant i be myself outloud?

i know this is such a stupid problem and no one rely cares and theres worse but its just been cutting me down lately :(

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dude, thats just how i am right now, word for word, lol<br />
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btw, u said "x's" name in the middle: david XD

Amz and Moonshimmer have good advice. Lol at DollyDiva xD!<br />
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If people are judging you without getting to know you as you are now, then it is their problem and their loss, especially if they are going to go through life like that. Damn, I hate being shy as well...<br />
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You say that you are okay with talking to one girl if you aren't in a group, so maybe you could focus on getting to know someone better that way. It could be a bonus because you could get closer than you would otherwise. <br />
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Umm, a heads up: You put "x's" name in the fourth paragraph ;)

you can talk to me and just imagine im a stone lol

Aww nothing is wrong with you and that there is nothing wrong with being shy because i'm shy too and it can be hard to deal with sometimes but don't put a lot of stress and pressure on yourself about being shy and that you will find the right girl for you someday because you are a very nice, sweet and great guy and that any girl would be truly blessed to have a guy like you:)

Well i hope your problems will be solved soon, but you don't need a girlfriend to be happy. You are only after one for popularity, and it takes time to build a realationship.<br />
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trust me, i found out the hard way!!!