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Met a guy, I like him alot. I've been divorced for about 2 years, been doing what my friends call "Hermit Girl" for most of that time. Been on a few dates, but that's about it. I met this guy through the Pagan group here, and we clicked right off. Lots of problems involved here: He's working on a divorce. I'm a dx Borderline. I keep trying to talk to him about our "relationship".. The last time I admitted that I'm really trying to keep judgement at bay, since otherwise I get a little bit crazy. He said he sees us as "really really really good friends" (spoken as we were laying in my bed after... well..)... and that proved that reserving judgement did nada for shielding me. My big issue is... I'm not looking for "rest of my life".. but I have a REALLY hard time with trust issues, I feel betrayed very easily. I don't want a 'friends with benefits' thing, either. Call me old fashioned... but that would feel like being used. Should I try to talk to him about how I feel about all this stuff... Just roll with it and see what happens... Or say "Hell with it" and stop the 'relations' part of the relationship?? -Kalika
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Do you think that he will talk openly? I have somewhat of a simular situation, but I do feel for me anyway, that the best policy, (again for me) is to just let the time take me to where ever, I trust hopefully that I won't get hurt, but beyond that I have the same trust issues, and crazy issues, and judgement issues........but I hope for us both that it will all turn out well! KISSES!