Scared To Let My Guard Down.....

I've been faced with a lot of situations that only tell me and show me that its not ok ot be weak. I have struggled a lot with unexpected death in my past, and most recently lost someone to suicide. People have said to me before it should be ok to share your deepest thoughts and emotins with the ones who are closest to you, but I feel the exact opposite. Because the pain I still feel has been trapped inside of me for so long its almost like its not ok to just put it all out there and let my family react as they might. I feel like if I don't put up that front, if I'm not "strong" I will also no longer be loved and I will be shunned upon by those who have seemed ot love me the most. If anyone else reads this or feels this way please share coping strategies and how you begun to open your heart up again. :)
chelseabillups30 chelseabillups30
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Thank you!! I honestly didn't expect to get responses from anyone and I'm the only one who knows I've turned to an online community like this for advice and help. Thanks for letting me know its ok to be honest with myself and others and to start with what I'm comfortable with. Even tho I've probably heard it a million times, a million times more makes all the difference. :D