The Magic of Email

I have to email my husband to make sure that he actually listens.  Even though the majority of our conversations pertain to running our household - I still need to set up reminders by way of emails with return receipts.

Anytime I try to deviate around that - he gets irritated and calls it small chitchat.  He doesn't have any interest of what our toddler son's accomplished for that day, what he would like for dinner, that his mother called earlier, etc.  It feels like I get my head bitten off and after awhile, I just have to avoid him the whole day and retire in the nursery with our toddler.  There will be weeks where I'll need to just email him to avoid getting his "**** Off" attitude just for me commenting on the weather.

I really wish it wasn't like this - and this may sound altruistic, but for the sake of our son.  I don't want my son to come home from school, excited about a story to have my husband regard him as insignifcantly.  I'm still developing  a thick skin to my husband's less than enthusiastic, sarcastic and belittling remarks - but I can't allow for my son to go through that with his own father, a man he's supposed to look up to.

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That's so sad -- my husband is so much like this, but he doesn't check his email and he loses everything!!

I finally talked with my husband last nite about my son coming over to visit this weekend. since i won't be here next weekend. and I told him that I know he doesn't like my son, and he replied, what, i like him! without hesitation. So I have learned instead of keeping things to myself that I just come right out and tell him!

I told my husband last night that I had to try to keep warm, and I put on one of his sweat shirts. I also told him that he doesn't do it. and he said nope. <br />
He bought his beer so that he could have some this weekend. were suppose to have snow this weekend. he wanted to be prepared LOL.anyway this is how I spend my days and nights. talking to friends on here.<br />
I hope things are alright with you and your son.

i think that if your husband is treating you this way and he doesn't seem to care about his son's accomplishments then I believe it's time for a change. don't send him any emails, I used to do that also. I'm in my second marrage, thank god the kids are grown from my first marriage, but still i don't send him any more emails, and the only time we talk is when i bring up a topic and so forth. I have to encourage him to do things. for some reason men have to learn what to do because i think that it's how they were raised. but you don't have to stick with him. you can improve your life for your son's sake. you don't want your son to grow up with that influence. I hope you get help from your friends and family. its really important for little ones to have healthy lifestyles.

"emails with return receipts..." the return receipts, nice touch. I'll have to keep that in mind myself for when I e-mail my husband to tell him something.