That's Just How It Is

I've always had trouble talking to people about my troubles. It started when I was child when I woke up crying from a terrible nightmare. My father came in to see what was wrong and instead of getting a hug and being assured nothing was there and everything was ok I got laughed at and told to go back to bed. Lesson learned, I never called to my parents again when I had terrible nightmares. My second lesson regarded the constant fighting with a so-called friend and I had cried to my parents about it. Again I was laughed at by my father who rolled his eyes and told me to grow up. My final lesson was when I made a stupid error that was pretty upsetting. I went to my parents for advice and my father tried to cover his laugh and rolled his eyes. He said do you know how silly you look getting all upset? Figure it for yourself, I don't care.

Lessons learned: Tears are weakness and weakness is wrong.

Telling people my problems is very hard for me since those lessons are deeply imprinted into my brain. People always assume nothing is wrong. Just because I don't show it hurts doesn't mean it doesn't.
LalaEhMe LalaEhMe
26-30, F
Mar 21, 2011