What I Fill That Is Wroung With Me

iv grown up with my mother but took my attitude from my dad a rebeleus ******* and my mom a know it all ***** i have the thought of both but wont the freedom to make my own chouse's but wen i make these chouse's i get one side right but one side wroung bad thing is i can lie with out messing up an thats messed up i can do that to my mother who knows me so well cant even see through my face nore my dad somtimes i wish i was an adult but had the same filling of being a kid knowing i wont to be an adult i droped my kid life an wont to take on the world but im a rebeluse ******* becuse i fight every one wen they ask me why the ask me an were they ask me i dont know y some time i rilly just wont to be left alone by every but some of my freind an some family.
R4ynC00per R4ynC00per
18-21, M
Oct 27, 2011