What To Do ?

ive always been a heartbreaker... not on purpose i would fall inlove witha guy and have him fall inlove hoplessly bak and then get over him. i dnt know why i do that. but as of right now i have a great boyfriend who loves me, but i fell for my bestfriend. Im pretty sure he like me bak but i doubt it sometimes. My other best friend liked him to or atleaste still does a little bit and he says its fine (theres no chance of them being together) . the only reason i didnt break up with my boyfriend yet tho is because i dnt no if im pregnaunt or not. once i find out thts when i make my descion. if i am ill stay with my boyfriend untill we get an abortion and ifim not ill have to break his heart. But im scared to go with my best friend because hes very important to me and i always want him in my life... so if i went with him there may be a chance of me breaking up with him and us never being ableto talk to eachother. bt i really love him. and i just recently told him how much i cared for him and the situation. i feel like im doing to much and im a little obsessive so im going to cool down on him .. but i have so much stress on me right now i really dont no wht to do and im very scared. if anybodys sees this please help me decide what to do ... i know i sound like a horrible person .. i feel like one. but please is there anybody tht cn help?
isabellebroken isabellebroken
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2012