Dating Twin Brothers....

Okay, so in 2010 I met this really great guy while at my job named Mackenzie. we instantly had this burning connection. and we spent the whole summer just dating, I was 19 and he was 22. When I left for college at the end of the summer we made plans for him to come visit me one weekend and the next I would come home and visit him, but honestly I thought that the day i left for college would be the last day i would ever see him. But that sunday when he came through my dorm door with a tub of my things on his shoulder with my family I knew I had made a great choice. Eventually I transferred to a local college at home and moved in with him. Our relationship was great and we were always happy but then we reached this stage where we constantly fought, and even though we fought we always got through it and were truly happy together. but the fighting became an everyday deal and even though we always honestly made up I became fed up. I had never met his twin throughout our whole relationship, but once Camryn(his twin), broke up with his girlfriend the three of us started hanging out all the time, which only lasted two weeks because Mackenzie started saying i liked Camryn and became jealous of everyone so I broke up with him. this bonded Camryn and I together....a few months later we began a relationship...I moved in a while later and now our relationship has obviously come to the light and we do not need to be together, I was so angry at Mackenzie that I wasn't worried about how he felt, I thought I had honestly met the wrong twin which just sounds ridiculous now. i regret the decision to ever date Camryn so ddeply but of course I can't take it backa nd that's the beauty of hindsight. I came to realize a few months ago that I still loved Mackenzie deeply, and I told Camryn but he asked me to continue to try to work out our relationship and so I have but it is not getting better and I ready to be single and get away from this heart ache. Mackenzie and I want to try again in the future, and we talked about waiting for a long time to really re-build our relationship. I am now going to be 21in august and the twins will be 24 in august as well. I told Camryn I want to move back to my mothers, and so he decided to move to his mothers. But Mackenzie already lives with their mom. So he is getting upset with me saying that if i dont break up with Camryn soon it will be hard on him with Camryn living with him and also how strange and awkward it will be for Mackenzie and myself to try an attempt a relationship if Camryn is still living there.....I know this isn't enough detail to really make my reader understand how much Mackenzie and I love each other but here's just an attempt. We have overcame the things we've done wrong to one another, fully forgiven each other and really want to be together one day. It's not worth letting go because I know deep in my heart we have something that the average couple doesn't. and I know that I need to fight for this but I also understand how fragile it is...what on Earth should I do?? I'm definately going to leave Camryn but I'm trying to do so gently and what do I do when he moves in with his mother and Mackenzie?? I need help :( I'm trying so hard to do the right thing this time around,,,I have never done anything like this, all my family and friends were in complete do I do this the best way possible??
ashc3 ashc3
18-21, F
May 7, 2012