Confused About My Dad

My dad use to be a really bad acholic and got worse and worse each day and then started being abusive but he's stopped drink all together now and only drinks non-alcholic beers! but resently he has been like acting he is drunk he cant stand well, he's making up conversations, he will just basically be acting like he is drunk but there is no way he is actually drinking but tonight my mum has found drink outside and is not sure if he is drinking it. its hard to trust him right now no idea what to do!     i just really neeeded to let this out instead of bragging to other people my problems oh and sorry if i didnt spell everything right i dont care i was just seeing if anyone knew someone like this or knows anything about it like if he has a problem or something i've reasearch and everything nothing seems to pop up. I just want a nice family again
LoralEllie LoralEllie
May 11, 2012