Courage To Say It

I'm a normal teenage girl who lives in Britain, and with every normal teenage life there comes love. I'm sure you know what it's like to want a guy or a girl so my that it depresses you but when you think about it does it really matter ?
the street that i live in is small and some what cramped, I've lived there since I was little and have always found it lonely because there was no one my own age to hang out with until one day a boy named Alex Callway moved in just at the top of the street. he was stunning of course and totally sweet. I'd pass him by the bus stop for school regularly but never talk to him. one day he came up to me and said hi, I was really nervous and shy, I could barely get my words out to say hi back.through the week we started hanging out more often either studying or just chilling. I'd usually find myself staring at him but in some way it would feel right. few weeks later i had developed a huge crush on him that I'm sure he new nothing about and kept thinking of words to put it across to him. finally i was ready to tell him how much i wanted to go out with him so I went to his house to knock for him but there was no need because he was in his front garden, body and lips pressed up against a blonde girl that I'd never seen before. As you can expect this was a big shock to me so I gasped out loud and they both turned to find me frozen in a state of shock. Alex stood up and ran towards me saying " whoa no, no it's not like you think, we where just you know" while he was waving his hands fast. And then i run to my house ,eyes burning with tear's and stampeded up to my bedroom and practically slammed the door off it's hinges. My mother must of heard all the commotion because soon after she was at my door and walking towards me in that motherly caring nature.she asked me what happened in a sincere voice, i told her what happened in a very shaken voice then she smiled at me and replied " oh i see, the thing is that you waited to long to get an answer from him and he ended getting mixed up with someone else" know that i thought about it she was right and i had taken too long to tell him and i was totally stupid for doing that. she hugged me then said calmly " but that doesn't matter because you've got your whole life a head of you, i didn't find the man i loved till i was 32"
I'm happy now and hanging out with my boyfriend at age of 26, i waited a long time but i finally got the right person in my life. thanks to my mothers advice i found a good person to be with. i could of ended up with someone really uncaring and awful.during that time i gained the courage to speak up and actually tell people what i think. the message is that you don't have to be forced into anything at a young age just take your time and also not to be afraid and to get the courage to communicate.
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It is all because of your mother's love and care. It is beyond explainable.