I Just Lost My Bestfriend

So i just lost my bestfriend today.This what i said to her-

  • Do whatever you want(not being a *****)Just dont come back to me when you get hurt.Because you chose what you wanted.I told you this is the last time i would do this and its here i knew it was right around the corner.Your not doing anything wrong,Im not mad at you nor her.**** dude!Just think where im coming from if you where in my shoes.You would not want your Bestfriend to get hurt Or be treated like **** i just care about you thats all and if you care about something(someone)You gotta let them go If its for the best.

    She keeps going back to her i love her so ******* much.I just dont know what to do anymore i need help.

anasharee anasharee
May 16, 2012