Want To Be A Doctor...

i am a mother of two children, i worked as a lawyer back in my country for nearly 5 years, now it is nearly 4 year that i live in uk, ,i want to study medicine, as this was my dream since i was 9, but in my country we do not have choice, but now i seems very difficult, and this has become my only dream, i do not know how to make it, they all need experience ,english language, i did an assessment at lambeth college they did not give me offer because of my writing , how ever all my math was correct, i just want to die, i want to do some thing that i lkie what can i doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, pliz help
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Training for being a doctor is really tough and with two children you'd need a lot of support for a long time to juggle it. And since you'd need to improve your English you'd probably need to take a course in that before you started learning. Worse still is the cut backs in not only job opportunities but uni places as well. It's probably in the top five hardest jobs to train in.<br />
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But there are a lot more choices for you in the medical field for you to choose from. My sister recently mentioned that you can do a short (and easy-ish, compared to being a doctor) course at college/uni that trains you to be an auxillary helper in the operating theater.<br />
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There's nursing, although that is tough as well when you have children to look after, my sister is just finishing off a child nursing course that lasted three years plus she had to take a one year introduction course at college before she applied. She has a child and she wouldn't have been able to do the course if hadn't been for her partner (to bring in the income) and both our families offering to look after him while she was at uni and on placement. And my other sister is an adult nurse and it took her four years at uni to qualify.<br />
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There are lots of choices in the medical field for you to choose from but most of them will require a lot of time and work spent on them. You'll probably need good school qualifications as well, like in biology and chemistry, and like you know english as well.<br />
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I'd go to a job centre or somewhere that provides career advice and have a chat with them, they'll be able to point you in the right direction for information.