The Girl Of My Dreams

Ok I like this girl and I went to a camp over the weekend with her with And 200 other people and so I slow danced with her it was an ending event and then on Monday when school started I told my FREINDS I slow dance with her and then My freind 2 of them go up to her and ask did u slow dance with Danny (me) and she was like it didn't matter though were just FREINDS an then a few days later 1 of my FREINDS ask her out and he knew I was obsessed with her and I thought she liked me but I didn't ask her out because she was Mormon so I thought she would say no because u have to wait till 16 she 15 and she said yes to him and I'm stressed sad alot ad I'm crying wht do I do
Perz12 Perz12
2 Responses May 18, 2012

I Dont Have Much Suggestions But Dude Stop Being A Wimp And Grow A Pair Of Balls Suck It Up And Stop Crying If She's Leaving You Ib The Friend Zone Try Being The Damn Bestest Friend She Ever Had But Dont Over Crowd Her Too Much She'll Think Your Creepy And I Also Think You Should Find A New Friend If That One Was A Big Enough Douche To Do That To You :/ <br />
-Kalifa <3

Please someone answer