Dreams Lost

 Regret, something i live with and cant find a way to forgive myself for what ive done. My first memory that i can remeber is wanting  to be with my mom, i always wanted to be with my mom, even still today i still want nothing more then to be with my mom. My grandmother and grandfather raised me.  Wheni look back i see they did their best but i feel ive never had direction in my life. My Father told me i dont take pride in myself, hearing these things have permanet to wrecking my life. Im sitting here just wanting to be someone different, someone who belives in herself and someone that can actually make sen ce of everything. Ive done the most horribleist things these things haunt me and they will haunt me forever.This is were i stop writing, a part of me wants to say it all tell everything maybe that would release this horrible feeling that i live with every second of every day.
 I grew up in alittle town in Pa, I lived on a hill and most of my family lived their also. You could stand at the top of the hill and yell down to your cousins to borrow a cup of sugar.
angelhelper angelhelper
May 19, 2012