My Relationship

me and my girlfriend sarah have been dating since may 8th 2011. before her i cheated on every girl i was with but only with her. so i decided im going to date her. that summer she worked at a camp job and was gone alot. i kind of flirted with other girls but i stopped for her. everything was okay till jan.5th 2012. thats the day my parents put a retraining order on her. it broke both of our hearts and it sucked. we talked once and a while then we talked a little more. my parents are going to take it off in june if i pass and go to 11th grade. me and her have been dating for 1 year and like 2 weeks. i love her so much but this week has been bad. monday she got a letter saying she has court on monday the 21st of may. so she said she couldnt talk to me anymore until the restraining orders off. she said she will wait for me but she said i can go talk to other girls if i wanted. truely i didnt want to at all. but she told me with no emotions so i felt like she didnt care about us as much as i did. so i talk to one of my best friends and we start talking about having sex. well things happened between me and my girl and we got close again. so i was confused, were we or were we not on a break. so today my best friend calls me and says do u want to ****? i said well im down but i have **** to do at my house today so idk but ill see. (i said that to brush her away.) so i find out that my girlfriend was on 3 way and heard me say that. she got pissed and said we were over. so i told her my side of the story which is the true side and she said she believes me but we need to build trust again. well i said if you believe me than why do we need to build trust? i love her alot and shes worth all this **** we go through but i dont know why she doesnt believe me. im afraid we will break up. she said we wont but im still worried. i dont know what to do.
taylor582011 taylor582011
May 20, 2012