A Man Who Will Not Die For Something .....

"A man who will not die for something, is not fit to live" -Martin Luther King Jr. ..... These words explain so much of my past year alone. I still get shoved to the side. No one pays attention, so I am forced to resort to this site in hopes that someone will comment or email me or something. I am only here because I've been throw away: my teachers, my parents, my friends, and I'm starting to think even God himself doesn't know I'm here. I've had a rope around my throat so many times, but they say I'm just bluffing. Or they make fun of me, call me emo, or say that I'm pyscho. But the worst of all .... They say that I'm probably not man enough to do it. This is why I dream of fighting. This is why I hate so much, and why I don't talk. I don't know what it will take ... Scars? A track record of assault charges? Or worse, a body bag.
beatles1964 beatles1964
May 24, 2012