My High School And College Life

Hello guys so my real name is mark and i am a college student and all I want is to make my family proud of me, so this is the story of my problem.. way back in high school I used to be bullied by my classmates who are taller and bigger than me and I can say that almost every day I am being bullied by my classmates and I never really did enjoy my Highschool life and I am a college student now and I am really enjoying it because there are no bully classmates in our section and here is my problem I've been lazy for a past few years I don't study at home, I don' t do my assignments and all I do is what I want to do like being lazy, drinking alcohol with my friends, and playing computer games and for the past few years what I am thinking in my mind is that I need to enjoy my college life because I really didn't enjoy my highschool life I know it sucks but i just want to enjoy my life and now I have a very low grade in almost all of my subjects and all I want to do is to change my life and become productive and responsible student...

Carlsam Carlsam
18-21, M
Sep 1, 2012