Family Friends And Issues With My Self

Hi, I'm Katie well my problems all began when I was in 7th grade...I was new to the school and I would have done anything to fit in. Well I like this boy alot didn't really know what he was about and just did whatever to get close to him. One day he texted me and said send me a pic I said what kind he said naked duh I said no I don't know you like that he said do it ! I said no leave me alone he came over to my house and put a gun to my head and said do it! Or you will say goodbye to every one easily so I did it I told him to not show anyone two weeks later it was all around the school and I was found arrested that day it was the worst day of my life I was depressed for forever 8th grade came around I was on probation and I went to the same school and did the same thing tryin to fit in I got into a gang and selling pot and all that and I got arrested that year too for pot in my locker my freshman year of high school I was dating this guy best thing in the world moved in with him and what not it was great didn't care about anything I had gotten pregnant and had a miscarriage he dumped me moved back in with my mom and made things better with her and all that sophomore year I went to school and all.....well this boy who was my ex's bestfriend liked me he texted me one night asking if he could buy me a ring and I said why he said cause I'm in love with you and he said but you gotta give me 150$ to pay for half of it i said no I don't like you!!!! Two weeks later he and some of his friends invaded my house and stabbed someone in my family and this is all my fault cause he wanted money :( I get all this for just wanting to be a normal teenager and trying to fit in and now I live a depressed and I feel like I'm a worthless piece of ****!!
KIki309 KIki309
Sep 6, 2012