I Dont Wanna Do This Anymore

I was born in states with my father by that time my mom and dad were separated when i was 8 years old my dad sent me here in the philippines with my mom since that day i never see my father again i never had an easy life my mom work for about 10 years and she stop working because of thyroid nodule. In the age of 18 i started to work ive been a service crew at mcdonalds, sales lady at a department store, vegetable vendor and even waitress but my salaries are not enough to support my mom and my daily living. I decided to be a cam ******** even i dont have the will and guts i stay in my apartment i dont want mom to know about my job i told her that im working in a hotel. I can get enough money on here but sometimes i think destiny is playing im starting to receive criticism about my job i cant get friends and even a partner in life. To be honest i really hate doing this job when i was on my job stripping on cam i cant stop crying right after the show but i have to continue to work no choice but still im not lossing hope. deep inside i dont want to do this anymore
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I must say U r a strong person, I wish something turns out really good for U soon which can make U earn fair amount of money so U can get rid of this job.

Hey, if you need someone to talk too, feel free to email me. :)

ya only if i know you email ;)

So sorry to hear about your experience =/<br />
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You are trying to do the best that you can for mom and yourself. You are trying to protect her by not telling her the truth about what you are doing. And you hate what you have to do.<br />
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You must be in a lonely and scary place right now.<br />
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You sound very courageous, and strong though. You are a hard worker and you are refusing to lose sight of the hope that things will eventually get better.<br />
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I really hope and trust that they will in time. And I hope that you manage to get something else soon, the job that you are in right now is obviously hurting you badly. <br />
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You dont deserve this.