In A Hole I Feel I Can't Get Out Of.

Just a little over three years ago my girlfriend and I broke up and it was very hard on me. So bad I ended up losing my job. over the next few months I tried meeting new girls but It just didn't work. It was if I was cheating even though I knew the relationship was over. I did end up hooking up with a few girls for a week or 2 and broke it off. The last girl I was with I drank with and thats when my life started crashing down. The alcohol became my crutch. I started drinking 8 to 12 beers a night. Over the next year I gained 70 pounds, never looked for a job, and started losing touch with my friends slowly. Now it's to the point they don't even bother to call me because they know I dont do anything anymore. Rarely do I even leave the house anymore. Now Im only 24 and feeling like Im having health problems with really nothing left to live for and I'm not saying suicide but that I wanna live again! I want to quit the drinking and I wanna get my life together but i havent even worked in 3 years now. I'm just so lost I don't even know where to start.
kevinb182 kevinb182
22-25, M
Sep 13, 2012