I'm Ready To Explode!

I live in a third world country surrounded by half-brained creeps and douches.
I have 6 sisters (1 I hardly know), 0 brothers, a dad who most of the time is an idiotic jerk, a mother who expects nothing but A's in my report card and friends that I can't talk to because they're all to high up on the popular list or so low that I have to try and help them out.

I've thought about taking my own life since primary school but have never been able to follow through. I don't know how much longer I can take being in my situation. I've tried running away but where I live is too small for me to actually get lost.

Will someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Yours truly.

The boy in blue.
TheBoyInBlue TheBoyInBlue
Nov 9, 2012