My Self Consciousness Is Destroying Me

I have always been self conscious but now that i am of the age of 13 and at high school i am becoming extremely worried and depressed about the way i look. its completely destroying me, its upsetting my family as whenever i come home from school I'm depressed and nervous of how people saw me during the day and when they even talk to me i get angry, this starts fights and then I'm even more annoyed. my friends have tried to help me through this but its just not working. the reason i am mostly self conscious is because i am worried about how girls will see me, this is mainly because a girl i was very close to called me ugly and bad mouthed me behind my back, that really messed me up. its coming to the point now where i generally don't want to get out of bed it the morning because I'm so worried about about how my day will go and how people will see me during the day. although that's not all I'm self conscious about, when i am meeting new people, especially ones that are older than me. I'm always thinking what the person behind me is thinking or to the right left or front, and this is really starting to depress me and i need some help and if i was to get over my self consciousness then i would be the happy person in the world. it had haunted me for so long and i cant take it anymore, please can someone help me.
Theo2012 Theo2012
13-15, M
Nov 26, 2012