Crying Because Of Everything!

i don't really speak english but i´ll try!
im 14 years old and since more less 2 years ago i have been crying because of everything like remembering mi family even in good times i have lost my grand parent and grandmother and an angle to but like my grandma a lost 3 years ago i thin my grange last summer an my angle 3 years ago to i think but I'm still with all mi family my father dosnt live with us because of work but my parents are not divorced they love each other my father visit us every week almost but i donk cry just remembering them i also imagine sometimes loosing them, sometimes i also cry with pictures on websites in which i shouldn't or just because of nothing. my parent give us a purpose of moving to other city all together and i want because thats a beautiful place but can you help me ¿why I'm i crying for everything? ¿is it normal? thanks! i think its all.
i don't know if this has something to do when i was little i lost a teddybear named paolo and i always remember about that teddy like from 2 years ago, sorry if it is dumb but I'm telling everything.
helpmeeeeeeeee helpmeeeeeeeee
Nov 26, 2012