I've Lost Someone Important

For my first story...I'd like to write about losing one of my really good friends.

Her name was Alex and her life was took by Leukemia. I remember crying so much. Whenever I think about her....all I see is her dead body in the casket.

I just crying and it hurts so much! I miss her. She was one the first people to talk to me at my school. When I was new she took me her under her wing.

I miss her so much. Even when she was going through the pain of cancer she still smiled, she was still compassionate. She was still her. Besides her physical appearance she was still the radiant Alex.

When she would smile everyone would smile. She also had the best humor. I would defend her and she would defend me. Do you know how rare that is? To find someone like her...she was just so close............then she........left.

A few months ago I had a dream. It was Alex and I came walking out of class and I saw her. At first I was at complete disbelief and I remember in the dream screaming "ALEXXXX!!!" And running over to hug her.

It felt so realistic. And when I woke up....it hurt so much. It felt like someone stabbed me millions of times...the wounds just seemed to be on the emotion being.

Someone....please I need help with this....please....it kills me inside still. I think and think and think about it over and over.

I just need some guidance.
pikachu23 pikachu23
13-15, F
Nov 28, 2012