It Seems Like My Parents Dont Want Me Happy

Ive been through hell and back with my parents. From getting beat to almost leaving my house and back again. Ive been beat and the cops were called. Ive been bruised. Ive tried running away but i neer go through with it. I just cant leave. Recently ive been talking to a guy friend, he's black, im mexican. I dont understand what the problem is. My parents prohibit me to talk to him. Yes, i would ditch school to see him because that was the only time i got to see him. He's 19 and im 18. Different colleges. But my parents dont understand that i love him. He loves me too but its also hard for him because my parents dont accept him cause he's black. I dont understan what the big deal is. A new year is coming and i want to talk to my parents about letting me start fresh with him and get a new start. But im scared. I dont know what to say and im scared that if i tell them that they wont let me talk to him at all. The first time i got my phone taken away for talking to him, i got it back and i talk to him now behind their backs. I need help. I need advice.
Bbyj01214 Bbyj01214
Nov 28, 2012