Ex-boyfriend Problems!!

Well, about 4 years ago i cheated on my boyfriend at the time; and told him i wanted to see other people . I started dating someone else and he just tried to talk me out of it. But i ended up ending things with this other guy to go be with my ex, so we had a summer for of beyond AMAZING things. The best summer of my lifee. but the summer ended and i went back to school and he was working. We were still sneaking together very now and then because we didnt want people to make a big deal out of it that we were seeing each other. so hes tellin me he loves me untill about January and the end of January, he got a phone call to go away for work. so we had a one last night together , tried keeping in touch but nothing serious. so he came back home in April and i was kind of seeing someone else but i thought this guy i was seeing wasnt into me just wanting to fool around kind of thing. so i slept with my ex AGAIN! . About a week later i come to find out OVER FACEBOOK that hes in a relationship and was when i slept with him. so i stopped talkin to him because i didnt want to get into anymore trouble then i was in! .so i started goin out with this guy that i was seeing at the time i slept with my ex. and my ex starts texting me and tryin to get me to go for a drive with him all the time. i never did until me and my boyfriend moved and my ex ended up gettin a job offer about 5 and a half hours away! so i get off work one night and he texts me and tell me hes on his way to pick me up and will be here within an hour! so i go out with him and i ended up sleeping with him again! we spoke for a bit after and his girlfriend heard from one of her friends what had happend with me and him and he made me lie to her. what do i do? I STILL LOVE HIM MORE THEN ANYTHING! but i dont know if he loves me or not?
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can i have someones opinion on this? what do i do?