Need To Talk

im new just need to talk and if you new me in real life you would say,"hey thats a nice girl" (at school) but ive been falling more like tripping over my own feet and lieing then telling the truth but this time i messed up. i said my mom did some thing she really didnt do and ive been suisidal 5 times now but my mom dont know and i scared to say,"hey mom ive tried to kill myself 5 times just wanted to tell you" NO it doesnt work like that oh by the way im only 13 and im really not good in school im felling all my classes except gym,and dance plus math every thing else is bluhhh and im sooo lost its like one person is just talking to talk then on the other hand they are making sences to you. any ways my real story it that when i was 8 my older sis got in a fight with our mom then i call the police then she left and every night i would cover her plate up and wait for her til morning... not exactly til morning but you know what i mean soo then we (me and my other sis) got taken away but got to visit mom then we got to stay with my mom again now it leads rite back to me T.T.....i said i was having sexual relations with two boys then said i was in a relation ship with another (lies) on fb-face book, then broke my moms lamp(didnt mean to ) and painted my hand with nail plaish! made her mad but then told a lie and said she hit me and now we might get taken away again and whatz funny about that is i still never remember why did i say what i did that day?!
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I read through and know what happen is, but what is it that you really need help on?