My Ode To Problems

My ode to Problems

A problem comes from probable blame
Which to most must sound insane
Why anyone should have blame at all
Take responsibility and have a ball

We are human doings not beings
Although most fail in seeing
Not their fault, hidden from view
Well that’s hidden from most of you

Having a problem we naturally
Assume a difficult situation automatically
Armour up and brace for impact
Limit’s your potential, that’s a fact

We should replace problem with symptom
Then we look at the truth of the situation
Houston we have a symptom: Different
Then we can look to straighten the bent

By identifying the cause instead of
Being weighed down by our lot
Our problems are a symptom of something
That something lives in our belief system

I tell you about the word problem ultimately
Should be replaced by the word opportunity
Houston we have an opportunity: Improvement
Nothing in your life except positive bents
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012