Baby Daddy Problems !

Hi my name is Jamy, Im sory if i miss spell some words but heres my story. When I was 14 I "dated" this guy named cisco for like 5months I thought he was everything a girl could ask for in a guy. He had a girlfriend during the time we were togetherasktme to have sex with him, like a stupid 14 year old that i was i agreed and next thing you know BOOM ! im pregnant. I let him know i was expecting and he sounded calm about it, I askt if his parents knew and he sayid yes. I come to the surprice that his parents didnt know nothing aboutmy pregnancy wen I was about 5months. I told him that I was going to give him 2months to tell his parents or i was telling them for him. 2 months passt and his parents still didnt know a thing. At 8 and 1/2 months pregnant I went and told him mom through facebook. She called me the next day and told me cisco but i really could have cared less I thought i was "In Love". About 5months in to the relashionship Cisco had told her it wasnt his baby, we agreed ongetting a DNA test when my baby was here. A month later my son is here and I hear nothing from theyre family. I wait and wait but not a thing. My son turned 2months and cisco texted me and askt me to meet up with him at the mall so he can meat his son. He got to meet his son and now the baby is 6onths and weve heard nothing from his parents. what do you guys think i should do ? Should i court order a DNA test or should I try talking to his mom? Help please
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Court order a DNA test and put his *** on chid support!!