Me Or Him?

I recently fell for this girl in my school. I won't say her name for privacy sake. I'll just call her Liz. Anyway it really started off with Liz's friend. Ill call him jeff. I suspect that jeff has a thing for liz and in return, a great hatred for me since I've been hanging out with liz alot. After I asked out Liz, thats when everything exploded. Jeff was going and telling everybody in school that I was dating liz only to get my ex-girlfriend back since she dumped me a month and a half earlier. After that rumor died down, Liz went to Ohio to take place in a school competition for about a week. While she was gone Joe set up another rumur that I was cheating on liz, And Liz believed him. When I tried to confront Jeff about this he said he didn't start it but that he heard it from my best friend "Jason". I didn't believe him of course since me and jason have been friends since we were five. Nonetheless I asked him about it, but he refused to give me a clear answer and kept changing the subject. So now I dont know who to believe. What happend next was just evil. Jeff told Liz that if she continued to date me that him and a lot more of liz's friends were not going to be her friend anymore. Now she's thinking about dumping me. I don't know weather I should convince her to trust i didnt cheat on her and cause half of her freinds to hate her AND me, or if I should dump her and let her keep her friends.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

My condolences to you and Liz, it must suck to have friends who will abandon you if you follow your heart (in case if she really likes you). Though those are more of a background mob for your everyday life, a fickle force on whom you shouldn't put much hope.

In the end it's her decision, just think it all through, then talk to her and let her make the choice. Not much else to do.