My Mother Doesn't Love Me.

I'm 21 years old I'm married and I have a 2year old son. I feel like my mom hates me she treats me and my husband so bad and I try to talk to her as an adult and calm but she always acts as if we are in Jerry springer. There is absolutely no reasoning with this woman. She says she shouldn't have any respect for me because I'm her daughter so therefore I deserve no respect. She belittles me and my family she makes fun of me sometimes because we don't have a lot of money...point blank is she's a terrible mother ever since I can remember she would let my dad beat me she never protected me and now that I'm a mother whenever she treats me bad and tells me that she hates me I kinda take it out on my husband and child...I don't want to but it's like something takes over me and I freak out and try to kill myself and I get really depressed. I don't want to be like this my son doesn't deserve that neither does my hubby. And whenever my mother sees me fighting with my hubby she smiles and is like she accomplished what she wanted... I need help. What should I do? Should I just stop talking to this woman? Move on with my own family and not talk to her or let her see my son? I'd really appreciate some advice. Thank you
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Jan 13, 2013