Help With Lying

I have a problem with lying to my boyfriend the person I want to spend my life with but I lie to to him all the time. He is mad at me and wants to break up because I would never lie to my exboyfriend who I havent been with for 6 years. I need help to stop lying to my current boyfriend who I love with all my heart. Please help
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I will share a real story. Two of my friends were dating each other and they have a good understanding and finally they comitted to get married. but after a while my male friend told me that his girl friend is lying to him about different things. he tried so much to reconcile things and clear things but she didnt confess her lies. and last month finaly my friend brokeup with up her and got engaged to someone else. now she is completed broken and regrets why she didnt tel everything clearly and saved their relationship.
they dated for almost 3 years in were really in love but look what lying did to their relationship.
i know confession is difficult but once you take the first step then its gets easier.
i sugges you that fix a date with him some place where you two are all by yourself and first make a ground and then tell everything true and confess all the lies you have ever told him. if you really love him you have to do it.
i have lost the love of my life and i can feel how much it hurts to lose the one. so plz dont hesitate and go for it...i wil pray for you. best of luck

it would help you if you actually stated what it is that you lie about :)