I Have Lost Everything In My Life

I'm just about to pour my heart out. These are problems that I have never shared with anyone and probably wont ever find the courege to do that.
Yesterday, love of my life got engaged to someone else. Her family rejected my proposal because they have a higher social status than us. It was an eleven year lasting relation that just broke in seconds. Now when I think of her with someone else, that just kills me, for we had such great understanding and love. We accepted each other with all the goods and bads. Sometimes I think that she is better be with someone else than a loser like me.
My 29th birthday is in a week, still I'm working as a biginner, no carrer is established. My family history is full of short-sighted decisions which has brought us to bankruptcy but they still cant listen to the music which has already begun. I don't want to lose hope and faith in good. But I don't see any chance of lightning in my life afterwards. I think its time to kill my dreams and move on with my head down, feeling ashamed for the rest of my life. its time to go, boss is calling, will continue later...i am still afraid that this story will somehow breakout to the people i know...haufffff
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I must disagree from you- this is not the time to kill your dreams, but to kindle them! You need the strength and motivation only they can give. I know of a man who saw the woman he loved being given away to another by her parents, and suffered in silence for seven years, until something unexpected happened- she became a widow. He finally married her, and they were extremely happy- my grandparents. :) Many things can happen... I understand and respect your pain, but please wait... Life is unpredictable and moves totally aloof to our expectations. Trust and keep your mind open :)

i am gland your grandparents made it. i feel so happy for anyone who gets their love. and i am holding on for the good time to come i just hope i will have the enough courage to wait enough. thank you so much for your kind words