Hate My Life!!

I hate my parents and I have lost all my friends from rumors being spread around the school. People have told me lately what I can and can't do. I can't even make my own decisions for myself. Why can't I just live a normal life that you hear about everywhere? I wish sometimes I could just kill myself and let everyone move on without me!! Would this be a good idea?
Summerrf1996 Summerrf1996
3 Responses Mar 11, 2013

No it's not. Killing won't solve anything it will just make it worst. **** them rumors ignore them. I mean who are they to be talking about you obviously there not your friends. trust me I went 3years with that situation still stings but I came a long way.

Yeah, me too... Despite the rumors part we kinda are in the same situation... I hate to discover that people that are smiling to me almost every day are actually badmouthing me behind my back... it's sofrustratong that I can't do anything about it...

What kind of rumors are going around? If you are being teased or bullied at school, you should speak with your guidance counselor or principal.