Life Idk Anymore

In the past year i lost 2 of my family members i cant even stop crying as write this i watched as my nan took her last breaths hooked up to the machines it killed me to look at her that way she was everything for me i knew her from birth i have all my faverate memories with here y first time up to the cabin my first glass of coke my first toys she was always there for me she was everthing to me she will be dearly missed i dont show emotions well I just cant stand this life anymore i know pple die and pple are born she raised a family of over 15 children who no have children of her own she left my pop also on her last day her whole family was around her in her last moments i left the room minites before she passed on to some a better place i dont think i was be able to go to be funeral i cant to see her that way soory about the spelling hard to see life can be cruel sometimes it can take things we charrus so much with out a warning we should live life to its full and live every day like its out last cause life is short and I just cant get over her she as such a big deal in my life i reily needed to get this out it was building up inside me .
newfoundlandler newfoundlandler
26-30, M
Jun 23, 2013