My One Hope

My family has its problems like everyone else's but I'm not sure everyone else's family do the things mine do. I have people in my family who have tried to kill someone else in my family, Almost every woman in my family has been beaten on and its been a couple of molesting's but after all that I still felt ok because out of everyone in my family me and my sister were the normal one's I guess you can say. We always stuck together and always made light of every situation. I thought that out of everyone in my family she was the strongest because she made sure she wouldn't be like them and so that made me not want to be like them. I finally had someone to look up to she was like my mother. She got pregnant at 18 but she still seemed more sane than anyone else in my family. Now she has changed. I left for a year and came back and now she lets her boyfriend walk all over her. He mentally abuses her and she doesn't even see it. He has taken her phone so she couldn't call anyone and he has thrown his daughter and made her get a knot on her head and I recently heard he has busted my sisters lip. She claims it was a mistake just because he didn't punch her he hit her with a door so she doesn't think its abuse just because he didn't physically put his hands on her. It makes me so sad. She says she's putting him out but he just talks his way back in. She was all I had in this screwed up family now its like she's just like them. I'm tired of fights, molesting's, abuse, and just all drama. I just want to leave the state and get far away from every single member of my family so I can finally be truly happy. I've tried to help and no one wants help. I want to leave but I'm only 19 and I don't have the money and don't know how to get the money to leave. I just want to start over and get a regular job somewhere and work up the ladder until I make something out of myself but I just don't know how I can survive as far as food and a good place to live until I find a job and get paid. I just want a normal life. Is that to much to ask for?

Floating19 Floating19
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2010