Tayler's Story. Please Help.

Hi, yall. Well my name is Tayler. Im 15. Just turned this month. Ok so here's the thing. I cant talk to my mom because she is just goin to say sumn that's not going to really help. I cant talk to my friends because they talk too much and they really dont give really good adive. and i cant talk to a therapist because waht i got to say is illegal. But okay. So my brother is over 18 and under 21 but he got a girl pregnant and he goes with her and she's 14! I guess im just jelous of her becuase she is cool with family im not even cool with. She can drive. She always has money and people are always comparin us. Which we have nothing in common she's a hoethat got pregnant at 14 and was havin sex when she was 13 and only talked to dudes that were legal. I mean what a hoe and ****. ! Im 15 and still am a Virgin. It just my brother has her and my mom has my little sis and somethimes i feel alone.  I have axiety and i worry a lot of people have to say about me. I dont really talk to that many people but i do have acquaintes   ,which i feel is becuase boys like me because im pretty. I just hate feelin likethis and holding it in. I neeed to let it go and learn how to forget it.  Alot of times i just feel like running away and move in by myself and just quit everything. Like school and people. I feel that people dont treat me with the respect i deserve just becuase im the lil sis and im quiet. Like my brother's Babymama doesnt never speak. He told her that she HAS to speak to my mom but no one else. THAT HURTS. Like what?? She doesnt have to speak to me when she comes to my house?? are you serious?? I feel a huge loss of respect and usually makes me sad. Also my lil neice just died that was by my brother. SHe passed Feb.2 and now its like a new baby is replacin her on feb - whenever this baby comes. It just sucks and im hurtin alot. Please Please Help me. !

YuppYupp123 YuppYupp123
13-15, F
Feb 26, 2010