Exhaustion- Induced Flashback

I was spending the night at Goldie's.  We'd had the day from hell...three days in a row.  I was so far beyond exhausted that I almost forgot to take my glasses off before lying down.

And then the flashback hit.

Goldie says she first realized something was wrong 'cause I was shaking so hard the blanket was slipping off.  And (always cold Plaid) didn't fix it.  Somehow she got my attention.  Now, Goldie's seen me have FBs before.  She knows how to handle them.  This one was different. 

I didn't know her.  I didn't know where I was.  I kept insisting that I was 6 years old and in Boulder, Colorado.  (I live in Tennessee).  Apparently my voice went higher than normal, like a little kid's.  I don't remember.

The past and present mushed together in weird ways.  Even after I was able to recognize Goldie again, and knew I was adult I was still half-convinced I was at that crappy mall in Boulder.  When she put a cup of water in my hands, I drank, but kept looking around and asking where I was.

*shiver*  I've had flashbacks for years, but that was...it was a different kind of flashback.  Usually I have some kind of connection to Plaid-the-adult, some faint awareness of "now".  I didn't that time. 

Goldie wasn't the only one who was scared long after I came out of it.
Plaid Plaid
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1 Response May 20, 2012

That sounds like it was awfully intense.

It was. I was afraid to sleep for days afterward.