How To Tell A Woman Is Flirting

1. she keeps LOOKING at you like she wants to lick your face
2. she keeps eye contact
3. she asks you questions to figure out if you like the cute things she does
4. she offers you a treat
5. she tells you a somewhat corny joke or pickup line (hook, line)
6. she touches you affectionately
.... (wait for it)
7. she invites you to do something fun with her (sinker)
8. and the rest is her story
but generally these days it goes
a handful of dates
some action
months of courting
move in
first argument
move out
chase her around
she rejects you
no phone calls
and if you're doing better than this PLEASE let me know
SJLuxon SJLuxon
31-35, M
3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Your life sounds a romantic comedy, hope you get the girl in the end, bro!

What if she just looks at you a lot, say around a lunch table. Laughs at your lame jokes too.

That's about it.