Its Easy

All Women Flirt.

Those Little smiles.

A Hand on your arm left slightly too long

Leaning just too close to you when they do not need to

and so on and so on :-)

All day every day

Just Love Women
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Occasional flirting can be better than having sexual relations with someone. It is so nice to see that the other party is interested. Their eyes have met yours and just before he passes you allow the corners of your mouth to turn up into a soft smile. You do not turn around , you just walk on by and allow him to look at you. No drama, no tears, nothing but a sexy smile and you are done. I need a cigarette now and I do not even smoke:)

LOL Yes I like that as well. That hint of a smile is almost like a dare to make me turn around, almost always do. Brilliant to find they have turned around as well :-)

Okay, I cannot tell a lie...I do sometimes turn around as well! :)

I agree that I flirt but my flirts aren't like other women. :P

Tell me how you like to flirt?

I'm not sure that I could explain it, honestly. I just do. But then when I'm NOT flirting, other people are like "Hannah, stop flirting." And I'm like "I'm... not... wtf?"