Shocking... Isn't It?

Yes... the girl with over 1000 stories on EP... when it comes to my Momo... the words are stuck! I wanted to write something special for him, on Valentine's... but dammit! The words just wouldn't stick! :-/

I think I sent him some lame joke! lol. That is my specialty, not much thought is needed for that! :-D

But it's something about him... when I sit down to write down my feeling about him, or join some EP group to express it... my mind turns to mush! I hate it! And then I have to leave the group quickly, because I know I'll never get the words out! :-(

Even offline... a family friend or relative will say, "Hey, I heard you have a new boyfriend!" My mother has a big mouth! lol. I just burst into giggles, look down at the floor blushing, and say, "yeah..." And then they'll say, "Tell me about him!" And I'm standing there with all of these blushed, "er" and "um" and "well"... All I can see is his picture in my mind and my tongue is tied! And then I kinda stop breathing a little, waving my arms in frustration, trying to spit out the words! :-o

I must look like a nut to everyone who asks about my new boyfriend! XD

Yes... sigh.,. I am a weirdo. :-/

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Feb 15, 2009