Good Example

my uncle`s seven year old son drowned ,i had no word`s to say.i told him i could say something,but it wouldn`t help your heart.and i belive there are times when the best you can do for someone is just be there.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I have come to believe that "our presence" and "our prayers" are the best gifts we have to offer at times like these. So often, words "take away from" rather than "add to" the support we are trying to give. Several years ago, when my first husband died, many people came to the funeral and expressed their condolances which was greatly appreciated. But the support that was the most meaningful - and stayed with me the longest - came from a man I did not even know. He said absolutely nothing - just placed his hand on my shoulder - and then moved on. Many times over the next couple years, I relived that moment - and received comfort and support from that simple gesture.

You are right. Just be there if he needs you. That is lifes<br />
<br />
biggest punch in the nose , to loose a child. I am sure <br />
<br />
that he appreciates your support. It will be a long <br />
<br />
process for him to even be able to be happy again I'm <br />
<br />
sure. God Bless You both.