I Fall Mute...

This has got to be one of the most frustrating phenomenons.

I have a little brother who I (unofficially) adopted because he doesn't have much of a family to rely on. He doesn't understand why I'm still around, so he asked me why I want him to be my little brother... And all my feelings and thoughts towards him would not be translated into words. I couldn't explain it to him... So he thought I didn't have a reason...

It hurts me more than I thought possible. I absolutely hate not being able to express what I think and feel. So for me not to be able to answer his question, which he desperately needed to be aswered, it was like a knife to my heart.

I think what scares me the most... is that this won't be the only time that words fail me. That the words I want to say won't come and I'll be left mute. That my muteness will be misunderstood...

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

actions sometimes speak louder then words...<br />
<br />
music as well helps me when i cannot form my thoughts into speech..<br />
<br />
and as a florist... i know flowers have a very elegant language<br />
<br />
my thoughts are with you