Come On, I'm the First One In Here?

I didn't even try to set this up, I just typed how I felt and there-I now have a group. Bingo. Right, about not being able to think straight, I could blame it on recent events and a good majority is: "ah-hem"- moving away from home, moving back home, my mom having a hysterectomy and cancer scare, driving over 2,000 miles with the flu both ways, having a drunken brawl with a lead pipe and my best friend, my best friend moving, a fatal car accident-my sister's death and the deaths of my two dogs at my hands (car-accident), my dad visiting, my dad not visting, bone-crushing credit hours at college, soul crushing work schedule at a menial job, being made president of an already failing club, and finally, therapy.

But, then again, I was never really all that not-neurotic to begin with. Now, I can't focus, I can't sleep, I hate food (and I'm not anorexic or even a size 9), and I have attacks of nervousness so profound that I shake and drop things. Before this I had a problem remembering any little thing-now I have a hard time remembering to go to sleep.

I really should just save this **** for my damnedable therapist but, I'm on the verge of mental meltdown and I thought that there might be more people... like me. I'm trying all that I know to get better for me and my just hasn't worked yet.

WingedMarvel WingedMarvel
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2007

I haven't gone through anything as bad; I'm sorry you're so confused about things and all that's happened to you through your life time.

I'm sorry for all your problems. I feel like I shouldn't complain. My problems seem to be more internal than actual events, like yours.<br />
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I have the same anxiety attacks as you do. I know that severe shakiness that overcomes you. I don't have any advice because I myself don't know how to assuage it...<br />
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I guess the only think I can say is Hang in there!