I Can't Believe This Man Hates Me!

Oh my GOD! I have been through a divorce before but this takes the cake. I'm not even divorced and i keep finding things that my husband has written about me back in 2008. I googled his name and found out that he  was on classmates.com. writing things about me. he wrote a piece about me on this site about 52 reasons why he hates his wife. And he put it on twitter if you want to see it. He makes me out to be this uncaring, uneducated, mean person and all i have been is supportive with him threw 14 years of crap. All his business venter's, all the debt he caused us to be in as we speak, IRS, House, credit card, car he purchased because he had to have a BMW we could not afford and  still can't. Who buys a car for $450.00 month and don't pay their mortgage!!!! Excuse me, can't pay their  mortgage. I'm so uneducated but we would not even own a home if it had not been for this uncaring, uneducated, mean insecure person.Or he wouldn't have gotten to go to school for that matter. Maybe i am the dumb one, i cosigned for the house and the schooling, I'm the primary,dumb,dumb, dumb me!! For a minute i was feeling sorry for my self, but now i say good ritteds! We live in the same house because he says he can't afford to move out. but the women that he has been setting up to victimize thinks he is separated / divorced. See how people are? He knew all about me before we got married, at lease the uneducated part and after i loose my job in April of 2009 now I'm not good enough for him. I went on a trip  to my home town because my daughter was having a baby and two days before it was time for me to come home form my trip he tells me he doesn't want to be married any more and that i should stay there to live. Who does that???All that time he was plotting to leave me and waited till then to spring it on me. He lost weight, he has a OK job,not enough to pay all the bills for the house hold, Not that he was paying them anyway. yet another reason were in debt. Won't pay the bills,student loans got my name on them, Running around trying to impress women with the outward appearance, but  stuff they can't see is all jacked up. I can write a book, but i won't. There is more but I'll write on another day. Hate, bitterness, unforgivingness, anger, no communication in a marriage won't survive.

whymyhusbandhatesme whymyhusbandhatesme
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He should have a warning stamped on his head! Dear god!! Bet you're glad you found out - but remember, not all men are like this.

Yes! All men are not like this. Including me who she's talking about.

You are best off with out him.... I have a step dad just like that. who is also Pathological liar to boot

...thats why you not get married it messes you up..men are jerks anyway

Gosh that's awful :(<br />
<br />
I'm so sorry

WOW what a bastard.

There's always two sides to every story. I wish her the best. Just not with me.